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Irish thinking of joining the PSNI

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 393 ✭✭ MrMiata

    I'm looking at joining the PSNI, I've also applied for AGS but there's no guarantee with either so I'm keeping my options open.

    I'm from the West of Ireland.

    I mentioned it to my father who is completely against the idea, he has no issue at all with me joining AGS but PSNI is a no go for him, he says it's far more dangerous.
    I'm 22, but I do still respect his opinion..

    I know policing is always going to have its dangers, but is the PSNI that dangerous?
    Would it be worse for a catholic (Non-/never practicing)?

    I just think it could be a very interesting career.
    I want to work in the Detective, Armed, Undercover side of things so I'd imagine there's a lot of possibility for me in the PSNI.

    I'd possibly be looking at moving to mainland England later down the line - London Met or something.

    I don't know how Brexit will affect all of this.
    I've an Irish and UK passport, so that might help.