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help please!

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    Due to doing an ancestry DNA test I have discovered I have a cousin in America, quite a close cousin, possibly first or second. I managed to get in touch with this man and it turns out his mother was adopted from Ireland. Apparently the catholic Church facilitated the adoption as her parents had 'died in a car crash'.
    Our conversation was short so I am hoping to find out her birth date if he contacts me again, I've left that up to him, his mother is now dead, and I reckon by the datings she would have died young.
    Due to the ancestry DNA result I know where her parent would have originated from but nothing else at this time and from what side of the familt she comes, my maternal line.
    Soooo, if I do get a date of birth can anyone tell me how I go about tracing her birth?, and perhaps her birth mother? I am presuming her father could have been my relation either and in that case I may not have that name on the birth cert.
    The 'car crash' thing doesn't ring true with me.
    Thanks for any help/suggestions!


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