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BMW base system overhaul ; question/opinion

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    After a few weeks of research ( and overspending ) I’m just about ready to jump in and go (almost) full monty on the base audio system in my car. As I found out, upgrading the stock base system throws some curveballs. I’ve done Frankenstein installs on previous cars basically making it impossible to reverse back to OEM. In this case, I wanted things to be as “plug and play” and stealth as possible, and have decided to go with the Audison Prima system.

    In any case, the system is not actually that relevant for what I’m looking for advice on, however if someone reading this knows the equipment I’ll explain the spec I’ve decided with, and if had any advice on the install / set up I’d be very glad to take any tips.

    What I have so far;


    1) Front Doors : Audison APBMW K4E : 4Ω, RMS:50W, PEAK 100W 4Ω 
    2) Under Seat SUBs : Audison APBMW S8-2 : RMS 150W, PEAK 300W, 2Ω
    3) SUB Alpine SWR-1043D (10in) DVC RMS 600 + wheel well sub box
    4) Rear Speakers ; none yet.

    AMP (with all the required wiring harnesses)

    Audison AP4.9 bit : 70*4 > 4Ω

    I had planned to use the 4.9bit to run the 4Ω door speakers, at 70RMS (a little over powered maybe?). The other 2 channels of the 4.9bit are going to run the 2Ω under seat sub at 130 RMS.

    This next step is where I’m looking for advice. Because of budget, I have to choose one of the following options;

    Daisy chain an additional 4CH Audison AP4D and use channel 1 + 2 to run the 4Ω back speakers at 70RMS and bridge channels 3+4 to run the 2Ω Alpine sub at with 260W

    2) Forget about the back speakers* all together and get an AP1 D to push the Alpine with 520W into 2Ω, or 280W into 4Ω.

    To make a very long question short - am I better off powering the 10 inch sub with a good amount of power and not having any back speakers* ( I really don’t think I’d miss them) , or splitting the power between the sub and including a set of rear speakers?

    Please, I know just enough about this to (maybe) get by. If there’s any faults in the logic / thinking above I’d love to be told how much of an idiot I am.

    Thanks very much for even reading the above.

    * the car is a 2 door, and back speakers are in the side panels