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Need an online broker

  • 28-09-2019 12:50pm
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    The company i work for allows us to put our bonus in shares, after 3 years these mature and need to be transferred to a broker. I currently use Firstrade but they will no longer accept them as they need to be from ACATS, i now have to find some where else to open an account, preferably with no fee. If i transfer to any of the brokers below there is a 30 euro admin fee.

    Interactive Brokers,
    E-Trade Stockbrokers,
    TD Waterhouse
    Interactive Investor
    TD Ameritrade
    Trade King
    Self Trade

    Does anyone know or use a different broker than those above.


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    Does this help

    Transfer FAQs
    What should I do before transferring my account to Firstrade?
    If my existing brokerage firm is not ACATs eligible, what should I do?
    If you are transferring from a brokerage firm that is not ACATs (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service) eligible, please click here to submit your request manually.

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    After a lot of over and back Firstrade have gone back to accepting the share transfers as they originally had.