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Changing an IG username to a username previously held (but now available)

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    Hi lads and lasses,

    For those who might have some experience with the above...

    I have someone with an Instagram account and a large amount of followers who wants to change their username. Rebranding essentially. (call that Account A)

    We have that new username that they wish to move to, on another account for now. (call it account B)

    We have tested editing one IG account username (like account B), then changing the username of Account A to what Account B was previously, and it seems to work fine.

    So it seems we should be able to edit their Account B username, free up that username, and then have our client change his existing username on Account A to that original username from Account B. There doesn't seem to be any issue in using a username that has previously been used, just as long as it is available obviously.

    Are there any risks involved in this regarding holding followers etc that we should be aware of?

    Are there other aspects we should be considering?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been pulling my hair out looking for any definitive answers on this. FB/IG support is non-existent :eek::confused::pac:



  • A blogger here seems to have dome just that and mentions several things you need to consider (if you haven't read it yet)

  • biko wrote: »
    A blogger here seems to have dome just that and mentions several things you need to consider (if you haven't read it yet)

    Thanks for that.

    Yeah I had seen that one. It covers nearly everything except the little detail that is our stumbling block - the fact that the username they want to change their existing profile (the one with all the action and followers etc) to, already exists on another account that they set up (to safeguard the new username).

    They don't seem to be able to edit the 'holding' account to something else and thus free up the username, and then change their existing account to that name. It says 'username taken'.

    Also deleting the 'holding account' and freeing up the username that way ain't an option either as deleted usernames are rendered useless forever by all accounts. I think they might have to abandon the username but we'll see what we can do.