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Installing aftermarket double din radio in 162 reg nissan juke sv

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    Having problem with aftermarket double din android unit installing in nissan juke sv 162 reg.
    Trying to install in nissan juke sv 162 reg.
    Radio works but no sound. Tested outside juke and sound and everything. I got connect2 CTSNS010.2 Steering Wheel Stalk Adaptor for Nissan Juke which comes with 32 pin connector to tell bluetooth module that bluetooth connected. Problem is cant located bluetooth module not behind glovebox. Also read have to do something with wire pins. Has any6came across this and how did you solve. In last photos shows the connect2 32 pin connector which has to be connected to bluetooth module to make it think everything is ok.
    Thinking this is reason for radio mute
    Can anyone advise or help