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Meal plan ideas for runs?

  • 20-09-2019 10:13pm
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    Hey folks just looking for some inspiration what do people have to eat or drink on a day to day basic?


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    Depends on what you are looking for and what sort of time/constraints you have.

    Personally I tend to have to re heat food quite a bit (eating dinner in work etc)

    As a result batch cooking works well for me using slow cooker overnight

    Homemade chilli - Plenty of veg
    Kale, Chickpea and Sweet potato Curry
    Stir Fries

    For lunches similarly try to make up good hearty salads - Kale, beetroot, apple Mangetout ,nuts, quinoa/lentils/cous cous.

    If I am trying to make one that will last for a few days will tend to make a slaw out of it (vinaigrette with shredded lettuce, carrots etc) tends to get better as a week goes on as the dressing breaks down the veg) have with a tin of tuna and you are good to go

    Breakfast's generally porridge/peanut butter and blueberries. Tend to make Banana pancakes at the weekend (mainly for the little lad) - Banana, egg and porridge oats to make up the batter.

    This is a pretty good channel for idea's

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    mickwat155 wrote: »
    Hey folks just looking for some inspiration what do people have to eat or drink on a day to day basic?
    Your using myfitnesspal. Focusing on calories and food quality can be hard. Don't forget to log beer/wine as that often means more than the food.

    tbh the most important thing I found was a digital scales. I would weigh my plate, then zero it out. Then put the dinner on it. Honestly most people can open a normal balanced diet if they exercise the proper portion control.

    I would have 450 grams for dinner max no matter what it was. Porridge is great, it may seem high in cals but it gives you a lot of energy and fills you up. Even better if you soak it overnight.

    So keep it basic, if you scanning a barcode with mfp it probably ain't great. Monitor your water intake. Often people can think they are hungry when they are thirsty.

    Keep it as simple as possible.

    Complex carbs