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Babies from families with ADHD!

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    UCD Babylab would like to invite you and your child (under 20 months) to play games that look at attention development and your child’s sleep patterns with a researcher from the UCD School of Psychology. We are looking for young children who have a parent with a diagnosis of ADHD or an older brother/sister who has a diagnosis of ADHD. The visit takes less than 90 minutes and involves playing with toys, watching a cartoon using an eye-tracker, and listening to some sounds while we record brainwaves. You also have the option of taking home an ankle bracelet for your baby to wear at nighttime that measures activity during sleep.

    If you have any questions or would like to take part, please get in touch with Sarah Conroy at [email protected] or Dr Michelle Downes on 0171685410. Slots are available until the end of November and we run sessions from Monday-Saturday to suit your schedule! Siblings are also welcome - we have plenty of games to keep them entertained!