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Graduate Medicine funding

  • 18-09-2019 9:43pm
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    Hi guys!
    Hoping someone doing grad med or applying can help me out. I've been looking into applying but the main thing preventing me is the cost. The fees are so high and as you can't apply as a mature student the funding seems so limited.
    Does any one have any insight on scholarships/loans etc. How you funded or intend to fund the 4 years?
    I'm not from anywhere near the colleges offering the course so have to factor in rent and living expenses too and at the moment it just doesn't look possible!

    Also, interested to know how anyone found the course in terms of a social life/retaining a normal life outside of college work. I can imagine it takes over, but is free time/time with family and friends etc completely lost, or is this really down to time management and effort?

    Any insights appreciated!


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    I experience what you are struggling at, all I can say is whether you feel pressure or not, take it and enjoy the things you are doing, by that you never notice, you overcome those things that you couldn't imagine.