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Trouble Quitting

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    Hi folks! Looking for some advice. Long story short, I'm having alot of trouble kicking smoking for good. I seem to be going through the same boom bust cycle for the past few weeks. Basically I give up for 2-4 days, get stressed, smoke and then feel like **** for undoing all of the progress that I made. Ex-smokers have said that the fact that I keep going through this cycle isn't something to be discouraged by, as it shows that I am determined to quit. Has anybody got any tips for getting the ball over the line in this scenario?


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    I gave my advice previously in this thread

    My post in there is from May, and was after 10 weeks being a non-smoker.
    I'm happy to say I'm still a non-smoker, and I'd still offer the same advice.
    I'm purposely not going into details in this thread again. If you want to become a non-smoker (dont say quit) read that thread above.
    The OP posted for three days straight, and then never another word. I'd imagine they are still a smoker, but would be happy to be proved wrong.

    Best of luck

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    Studies show that all nearly all addicts, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc do not succeed in quitting the first time round but repeated attempts can be successful. Reaching the 3 day limit is not uncommon as it takes that long for all the nicotine to leave your system so by the third or 4th day the cravings begin again.

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