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Is there a problem discussing food production pollution on

  • 07-09-2019 8:12pm
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    I posted a perfectly logical, professional expert's presentation on various issues regarding food production and consumption, and the topic was closed within hours. Why? The person in the video was making my exact arguments. It would be tautological for me to re-state them.

    The agriculture industry is a major polluter. One of the points made on this video was advocating that the consumer buy cleaner (environmentally) healthier stuff. Agriculture has to change and keep up with the times, like any other industry. Those elements of any industry that do not change and keep up with the times will go out of business.

    Original posting:


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    You posted a youtube video without any comments on it; how exactly is that in any form a discussion? You expect people to go watch something and you've not even bothered to state your own view on what it is and you clearly did not even bother to check the charter:
    Topics should not be verbatim quotes from some article without comment from the thread starter. Add a comment before or after the post, offering your opinion and/or analysis on the subject. Articles from blogs, newpapers, magazines etc cannot be put up in full in the politics forum due to copyright reasons. You can provide a link to the article and quote the opening paragraph or one that provides a summary of the key points. When posting or linking to a video please provide a summary of the content as not everybody has access to video sites or the time to view them.
    Hence your post failed on multiple levels and that's my view as a user; I'm not a mod of this forum, but I can clearly see how your post failed to meet the posting standards around here.

    And then of course you go and make another thread complaining about it which is a big no no in general on boards and once again in the charter.
    No discussion of moderation on thread. If you need clarification of this Charter, or wish to discuss actions taken that pertain to violations, you can PM a moderator or C-Mod privately. Feedback on the site can be provided here, any cards or bans can be discussed by pm with the mod or in the Dispute Resolution Forum here. Non card or ban related decisions can be brought up in the Help Desk here
    So yea; you failed to follow the forum rules and got called out on it and nothing to do with the topic.

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    Fer Christ's sake you've been here 6 years, you know to RTFM.

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    If you wish to query a mod decision the please do so with the mod.
    Otherwise, don't start new threads asking the obvious (I assume that you read the charter as you're supposed to).
    Closing this now!

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