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  • 28-08-2019 2:59pm
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    Please note this forum is currently operating a zero tolerance policy up to and during the Rugby World Cup. This is will be in effect from today [28/08/19] until after the tournament ends.

    What does this mean?
    In a nut shell this means that any breach of the forum charter will be dealt with through infractions or bans. All that we ask is to please consult the charter, respect your fellow posters opinion even if you disagree with it, back up your opinion in a reasonable manner, and never attack the poster. Mod’s decisions are final and it is at the mods descretion if a straight ban is warranted; the usual warning to ban policy is not in place.

    Why are you doing this?
    From time to time in the interest of varied discussion we would let certain breaches slide - however as regulars know the forum can become a difficult place during international windows due to so many unique opinions that are strongly argued. Often with a popular tournament we welcome an influx of new posters, as such sometimes these posters may not understand how the forum operates. If we gave everyone the benefit of doubt the lines become blurred very quickly... we believe this is the fairest way to keep the forum operating smoothly.