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Skyrim - The Journey mod pack

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    Came across this at the weekend although it's been around for a while now.
    It's a collection of around 1000 mods (actually abiut 300 in the download but each one can be a bundle of more than one mod), that are all supposed to all work together without needing a mod manager.
    Incorporates all the immersion mods, so additional factors such as exposure, weather, thirst, sleep and hunger have a huge bearing on your survival.
    It is system intensive so won't work for everyone's pc, have to check on my specs today as I think it works off the Legendary game edition. I would love to get another run through of the game before the Skywind and Skyblivion ports are released and this Looks really well done.
    There is controversy with it as some mod creators are not happy their work is included.

    Anyone play this?

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