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Otherkin announce split


  • Some of my favorite ever gigs have being courtesy of Otherkin.
    I think people didn't take all that well to the electro tinged rock but they have definitely left their mark on the Irish music with OK, a great album.
    They will be sorely missed but they have promised some farewell gigs.
    Long Live the 'Kin

  • This has come as a real shock.

    Not to me, and this will be trend for years to come. A new band will get to make one album and that´ll be it if they´re lucky. Bills. Nobody buying albums. Bills. Maybe there are just too many bands out there now.
    I am wondering if the likes of the Fontaines DC are all making a wage at the moment, as in enough to pay rent, bills etc. How much will they come out with at the end of the year? Same with Idles? Are they making a living and how long will it last?
    Nowadays, 99% of original bands are supplementing their income with something else. Eventually something has to give.

  • Sold out will be the gig of the year no doubt..i tried to like fontaines murder capital but its a dour listen