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Cregan library opening times from September onwards

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    Just wondering would anyone know what the opening hours for Cregan library, Drumcondra campus are from September onwards please? The website has it listed up until September 22nd as closed at 5 every day and not open on the weekends. I was just wondering are they the normal opening hours from then on or just up until that date?


  • These aren't regular opening hours. 2-22nd September is a very quiet period. Resit exams will have ended and the next semester doesn't start until the 23rd.

    DCU library opening hours are usually very good. The Cregan library used to be pretty bad but DCU gradually brought it in line with the O'Reilly library. During the semester, it's usually open until 2am Mon-Thurs and around 10pm on Fridays. I'm not sure when it would stay open until on Saturdays but it tends to close on Sundays for the early parts of the semester. The opening hours for the first couple of weeks in general may not be as great. For 2-3 weeks around exam periods (excluding resits), both libraries have been open 24/7 recently.

    The library website only shows opening hours for the current 'period' and maybe the next period if it's due to change soon. It changes depending on what's going on but it's always up to date. For example, in May it would say that it's open 24/7 but will close at 5 every day in June.

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