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5 is the Perfect Number

  • 04-08-2019 8:20am
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    From the graphic novel by Igort and starring Toni Servillo and Valeria Golino

    In 1970s Naples, the retired camorrist Peppino Lo Cicero decides to return to action, tries to hire four fellow hitmen in order to plan and execute his revenge.


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    I re-read the comic this is based on over the weekend and am curious to see what the film version is like. The comic has a real moody atmosphere to it that the trailer suggests is in the film; the story in the comic starts out as a classic mafia hitman/loyalty/family thing but evolves into something else as Peppino's quest for revenge causes him to reflect on his life.

    Can't find any word so far on international release dates; hopefully this gets some sort of a cinema release, at least on the arthouse circuit...

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    It has been selected for a fringe competition at Venice, so hopefully it will get an international release