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Private house for students in Galway.

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    Hi All. I am currently on the lookout for a house/room for my daughter who is going in 2nd year in GMIT. I've been away from the rental market for a while and am a bit out of the loop as to how landlords go about collecting rent, utilities etc.
    She viewed a house with 3 others today but there are some things that are ringing alarm bells. This house is also by no means cheap.

    - Landlord wants deposit by Monday, and rent until December paid in full by August 5th. And then the outstanding rent from December to end of term also has to be paid in full at the end of December.
    Is this normal practice.

    -Electric, broadband etc is to be in tenants names. So I'm guessing how do we know there are no arrears on these from previous tenants. Is it possible to find out?

    -house has only the very basics so no things such as a microwave, toaster.

    -the house is in ok shape downstairs but bedrooms walls and mattresses are filthy.

    -Landlord wants a deposit transferred into her account Monday but the keys won't have been received yet.

    We were told before viewing that the house had been professionally cleaned and painted which may be true for certain parts but certainly not for the bedrooms.

    If be concerned that when the landlord has got they're cash upfront that I there were any issues that needed addressing they would have no bargaining power if the landlord was slow or even refusing to fix issues.

    Maybe I'm being paranoid and as I say this is all normal in today's rental market. I have rented since 2003 so I don't know.
    My concern is unfortunately there is literally no accommodation available and this sadly is all they can find.

    Thoughts and advice appreciated

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