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Maplin Solar weather station not transmitting

  • 25-07-2019 10:10am
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    Hi weather fans!
    just wondering if someone might have an idea how I can re-pair my weather station to my receiver unit.
    It is one of these: HP1000 / WS-1001 / Maplin N23DQ

    Was working fine until the other day when it reported 12.5 degrees constantly (when it was more like 27 here). So I removed the batteries and made sure they had a full charge.
    Unplugged the receiver unit for an hour or two.

    Put batteries back into the station, plugged the receiver back in but it isn't picking up anything from the weather station (although it is picking up the data from the little indoor sensor, so I think the receiver is working....must be the outdoor unit itself).
    Batteries are in correctly, fully charged too.

    I was thinking maybe I need to do a sort of 'pairing' sequence but I cannot find my user manual, there doesn't seem to be a menu option on the receiver unit anyway, and I can't seem to find a manual online after a heap of searches.

    Anyone got one of these? maybe you had a similar issue and resolved it?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    How old is it? There are stories about them dying after some time.

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    joujoujou wrote: »
    How old is it? There are stories about them dying after some time.

    oh! that's a great link, thanks!! Yep have it 2yrs in October and I see from that forum there were quite a few fails well within that sort of timeframe alright.
    I got the User Manual from one of the posters on that thread so that's brilliant - I'll try the reset button trick and maybe that might help it - at least I have the manual now anyways which is a start!
    thanks again! :cool:

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    joujoujou wrote: »
    How old is it? There are stories about them dying after some time.

    I'm back online (well, almost...slight sunset time issue telling me its sunset at 7:09pm), but I'm getting readings from the unit now!!! Then turned the wind direction thing to due north and the receiver switched to 'N' within a few seconds)
    So great to have it back online - didn't realise how heavily I relied on it until I wasn't getting any data from it! ha!!

    thanks again for your help, that's brilliant now I have it running again.

    What I did (in case someone else has the issue) was to follow the guide for the reset, then remove the batteries with the solar panel covered. then insert the batteries and restart the receiver - nothing happened. Took the batteries in and put them into the recharger for a few hrs and then went out to put them in again (and had the receiver a few feet from the unit all that time since earlier on) and there was data on the screen before I put the batteries back in! must have picked up a signal in the couple of hours I had been charging the probably recharged from the evening sun I guess)
    Popped the batteries back in and it kept the signal... unplugged the receiver and plugged it back into the kitchen socket again and it was still working.
    happy days - probably when it sync's again later with WU it might show the correct sunset time I guess, but that's only a minor issue, not related to the unit I think.
    The Weather station itself is about 50m from the house, so putting the receiver beside it needed a VERY long extension lead down the garden, but whatever happened between the reset and the must have just reconnected itself at some point.

    Link to it in case anyone might be interested in the weather here in the windy hurricane alley, wetland paradise here!

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    Glad you got it sorted. :)