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Referral Codes Charter - Read before posting

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    Welcome to the Referral Codes forum :)

    This is a sub-forum of Bargain Alerts but it has its own unique rules so please read them carefully. As this is a new forum this charter may change over time.

    • 100 posts - Minimum post count.
    • 3 months - Member of boards.ie.
    • Declare what you gain from each referral.
    • Post a referral only once in the forum and in the relevant thread (if no thread exist start a new one)
    • No bumping to promote a referral.
    • Failure to read or comply with these rules will be a straight forum ban.

    As always, please follow other general site rules, treat users with respect, no personal sales, advertising etc.
    Please contact the forum mods for any questions or suggestions on this forum.

    Bargain Alerts Mods

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