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GSHP Passive Cooling OR MHRV Heat Exchanger

  • 18-07-2019 12:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 152 ✭✭ matrat

    Hi all, at the design stage for a new build and coming from a GSHP, underfloor, MHRV house, one of the main features we would like to build in is some sort of cooling for the summer months. Leaving windows open all day and night is ok but not ideal for the way we live.
    The two options (or both) i have come across are;
    1) Leveraging either a cooling module or a GSHP that has one built in to cool the floor by the heat pump working in reverse. I also seen a study on how recharging the borehole by dumping excess heat in it can increase overall HP performance so this seems like the best option at the minute.
    2) Add a cooling element to the MHRV, via either a brine heat exchanger or having the intake pipes fed from a pipe buried in a trench about 1.5m deep on the site. This should in theory cool/heat the intake air to around 12/13 deg all year.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these concepts or know of any other options that may be available?