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Selling Never Used Kaya

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    Kaya KTB (Kayagung) archery bow KIt 48" 45#, New Out of the box, Never Used .

    Steeped in tradition and history of Korean craftsman over the millenniums. these Traditional bows are individually hand crafted by one of Korea‘s finest bowyers, Mr. Kwak Yun-sik. Each bow is a true masterpiece and is stamped with his official seal. These bows may be shot either Right or Left-handed. Features an new attractive wrapped finish. This more tradition look will also help keep limbs from being scratched or dented.

    - Bare Bow Type (no sight, no arrow rest, no cushion plunger)
    - The normal shooting distance : 145m
    - The maximum shooting distance : 400m
    - Field archery, recreation & hunting archery

    Bow Length: 46", 48", 50", 52"
    Draw Weight: 30 / 35/ 40 / 45/ 50 / 55 or 60#@31"
    String: Fast Flight
    Shoot either RH or LH user
    Carbon, fiber Glass and hard maple
    Limb face covered with decorative leather

    Come with accessories in picture such as pouch, string, arrows.

    DM Me for pics and details on pick up etc if you are interested!

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