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Starting in September


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    Well first of all, hopefully all goes well and you get your course place.

    Starting there without knowing anyone and it being a very new environment, remember, there will be many more feeling exactly the same way, so you won't be alone. I'm sure you'll make friends on your chosen course. Starting out: make use of the campus facilities whenever you have available time that won't impact on study or course time. Even having a coffee in the main canteen can be a nice way to spend some time.

    Clubs and Socs day will allow you to expand interests to one of the many sports played, or to one of the social activities available, be that from athletics, to pool, dancing or hillwalking. Have a look around when that happens and see if anything interests you. Make use of the supports also offered by your course tutor, and don't be too afraid to ask questions. Nobody there knows everything, there's always something new to learn or understand.

    You may very well make friends for life with people on your course, or your housemates. Just take it all in, and enjoy your time there!

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