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Learning French


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    chancer007 wrote: »
    did french for the leaving cert many years ago
    was thinking of heading back to do french lessons in the evenings
    has anyone any experience/tips?

    Possibly not what you're looking for but I'm four years into studying part-time for a modern languages degree with the Open University. You study in your own time and attend tutorials online. A degree is six years long but you can also go for certs and diplomas.

    I think what you're probably looking for is the Alliance Française, a French government initiative to promote their language overseas. They are based on Kildare Street in Dublin but have branches across the country in Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford. I believe the courses there are reasonable also.

    If you do decide to pursue this, I can help you a bit in finding good online resources to help you and also with any advice you may need.

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    Thanks very much for the offer for online resources, please feel free to send them on.
    I have just finished a Masters in IT recently (2 year-part-time), 6 years seems a big commitment.
    I believe some of the education boards to part-time adult evening courses starting in September, I was going to have this as my starting point, what do you think?
    I bought some grammar books for beginners so I aim to get the basics right.
    I'll definitely take a look at alliance francais.
    My company has offices in France, so they plan would be to get in contact with employees in France & find someone who I can skype to brush up my french, but that's along way ahead :)
    Of course, I plan to visit France in next couple of years.

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    Michel Tomas courses are always a good starting point to get your ear in again. No homework, no workbooks. Often available in the library.

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    Use Pimsleur one to get a proper accent...then maybe do Michel Thomas Foundation....then finish the Pimsleur 2 and 3 and go back to the Michel Thomas advanced......If you do that over the course of 3 to 6 months and 5 mins a day on duolingo you will get a decent enough level to start speaking to people in language exchanges online....
    After that...I'd listen to music, read more and see where it takes you

    30 mins a day would be enough

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    Alliance Francais. Best place by far according to French people.

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    If you want to brush up on basics, the duolingo app is highly recommendable.

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