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PV Panels

  • 27-06-2019 11:15pm
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    Looking into the options of Adding PV panels to our House,

    2500 sq foot approx, under floor heating via Firebord oil boiler
    rad up stairs,

    I have a priced a 2kw PV system this is about €4900 fitted and an extra €500 for a imerisson divertor

    €2500 for a decent battery to store power generated by panels.

    My Questions

    current ESB is costing no more than €900 a year
    oil €1500 approx to heat house

    so how long will I be untill I break even with spend with no battery?
    as the ESB currently arent buying any power back, you only gain here if you use the power as its generated?
    so If you are away all the power will go back to GRID for free?
    My hoiuse was built in 2010 but the power was 1st turned on in mid 2011 so i wont get the grant

    looking forward to comments on this


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    A 2kw pv only system should not cost that much. (the quotes I have got for a split East /West was 3.8k and that IMO is still high. Does that quote include the battery (if so how big)

    if your esb bills are 900pa then alot of this is standing charges. I would speculate that only half is actually usage.