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Looking for old FreeWare DOS Game from mid 90s

  • 15-06-2019 11:49pm
    Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 16,287 Mod ✭✭✭✭

    Probably a long shot, but I remember a Freeware game back in 94/95, and wondering if anyone knows what it was called (it might not even have had a name) or if there's copies of it floating around anywhere.

    It was a very low-tech game. A 2D maze, white lines, black background. The maze was huge so that you only got to see maybe 10% of it on your screen at a time, and infinite, in that if you went far enough in one direction you'd end up where you started.

    Your "character" was just an ASCII character (maybe an @). And there were "soldiers" which were also characters (maybe an %). The game was set to a maximum number of soldiers who appeared out of "bases" which were little white squares. No matter how many soldiers you fired at and killed, the bases would keep regenerating more up to the maximum, unless you managed to destroy the base also. There were possibly 10 bases per round, and once you destroyed them all, then the soldiers would stop regenerating and you could just go around killing the last of the floaters.

    If a soldier hit you you'd die, but you had three lives. If you lost a life you'd appear somewhere at random in the maze, which sometimes left you right beside a base surrounded by soldiers which usually meant you got shot at immediately and lost another life unless you were lucky and managed to get out quickly.

    Different modes allowed you to fire either in a straight line, or your bullets could bounce off walls, so you could shoot "around a corner" at the soldiers. Also, different modes had safe walls, or walls that would kill you if you hit off them.

    Googling hasn't helped. Any mention of "maze" just gives a 3D maze, or a basic 2D maze, but this isn't what this game was about. This game showed only a small portion of the 2D maze at a time. It *may* have originated in DCU in 94/95 as it was from a student there than I originally got the copy off on a 3.5" floppy disk.

    I'd just be interested in seeing it again for nostalgia sake. Anyone help?