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Psychiatrist's Ireland

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    I am opening this thread looking for peoples experience with psychiatrist's in ireland., particularly ones that specialise in mood disorders such as bipolar, in the private sector, or public.
    Im looking for a new psychiatrist for a second opinion, possibly a change.
    I have experienced some psychistrists both private and public who tend to either go rwo ways, over medicate, or under medicate ie: concentrate soley on alternative treatments like CBT etc.. Im looking for a compassionate approach. While knowing the sutilties of bipolar some one who is appracable, empathetic,
    while having a specific expertise in mood disorders. Has anybody any experience with psychiatrist's they found good, its very hard to find the right one, im fully aware what works for one doesn't necessarily work for others but would appreciate some recommendations


  • My understanding is psychiatrists tend to focus on meds because that's what they can give that no one else really can. They are experts in that. Years ago there weren't many good meds available so old school psychiatrists did and sometimes still do both meds and therapy. Clinical psychologists and therapists can't prescribe meds so they focus on talk therapy. Therapists here have no training whatsoever in meds and there's no sign that will change. There's a movement to get more science into undergrad and post grad psychology courses so that clinical psychologists will some day be able to prescribe meds, I don't know how that's going.

    Friends I have with mood disorders in other countries see their psychiatrist maybe once a month and the talk therapist every week. There might be a completely different recommendation in Ireland

  • I worked with a client some years ago, who had a good psychiatrist that used olazipine if i remember correctly, I used interpersonal and social rhythm therapy as my approach, not that the type of therapy hugely matters in general.

    When i speak to people with BP.I generally note how important it is to be aware of triggers, use a mindfulness based approach as preventative strategy for manic phases, get good routine and structure, work on relationships.

    However, if the is hallucinations/psychotic symptoms medication adherence can be very important.

    This is not advice, you will.need to find what works for you