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Things could be worse... (than Dublin's transport info)

  • 10-06-2019 2:00pm
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    So in Dublin we have issues with GAI routes appearing on many third party data sources, Dublin Bus website not having a working Google Maps key and other stuff. And it seems extra specially incompetent when your idea of European standards is TFL or 9292 in Amsterdam etc.

    I'm currently in Santiago de Compostela. Google Maps and Moovit are either being fed bogey data or are interpreting that it's 'summer time' already - starts July 1 - and are outright missing the bus route that passes my hotel, except it has the Summer Saturdays. It's running fine, 20min headway, good service for the area.

    Google also thinks that the airport buses terminate at the city coach station when they actually then go to the rail station and their equivalent of College Green - causing it to suggest lengthy walks to connect. This city is mostly visited by older people and is very hilly, walks may be what brings many people here but they're still not a good thing!

    Their TFI equivalent has no valid Google Maps key so half the site doesn't work. The individual operators... Well - one of them last updated it's site in 2015 and has entirely the wrong timetables on it!

    The services themseleves are quite decent, clockface departures on modern single deckers. The fares are dirt cheap - €1 flat, and 60c on a Leap equivalent; but I can't find out how to buy them. Compare to the Leap Visitor advertising plastered all over Dublin


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    It gets worse - I've now just seen that the RTPI screens at some of the stops are colour TFT behind some form of vandalism protection plastic that has degraded in the sunlight and hence completely illegible.

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    I think it might be more accurate to compare the bus service in Santiago de Compostela with the BE services in Limerick since they both have a very similar population rather than Dublin.