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Issue with past LC results.


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    To request a certified statement of examination results from the State Examinations Commission you can either apply online or download and complete an exam statement application form (pdf). Your application should specify the following personal details:

    Full name of the candidate
    Name at the time of the examination (if different)
    Current address
    Day-time telephone number
    Date of birth
    Year of examination
    Name and address of school attended
    Examination number (if known)
    Paper application forms should be sent together with the fee of €14.50 (if applicable) to the State Examinations Commission at the address below.

    Where to apply
    State Examinations Commission

    Tel: (090) 644 2700
    Fax: (090) 644 2744

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    It 'is' a provisional result. The actual cert would have been sent to your school, though possibly many years after you left as there was a dispute regarding them that went on for years. You can order a real cert as described in the post above.

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    As spurious said, your school would likely have it so I would ask there first. A lot of my friends got sent theirs randomly halfway through degrees, but I didn't. I eventually needed them and asked my school and they did indeed have them on file, so I got it sent to me no problem.