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Looking for small portable battery power video recorder with PAL baseband video input

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    I have a VERY old Panasonic VHS camcorder dating from 1985. So old that it has an imaging tube rather than a CCD. Gives it a very unique look to the video in this day and age and this unique look comes in handy at times when a certain "look" of video is required.

    Although the tape mechanism still works, it's apparent that the quality of recordings made in-camera are not nearly as "good" as those seen when the camera is connected straight to a TV/monitor.

    What I would like to do is to take the video output and record it to a small portable battery powered video recorder with PAL baseband video input (RCA or ASI connection) and either 3.5mm mini jack or RCA for the audio, bypassing the inbuilt tape deck completely. Not only will this result in "better" video quality but it will mean the tape mechanism will not be used as frequently PLUS there is no generation loss when transferring from tape to PC. Basically, the video I get will be as good as I can get. I'd be requiring 720x576i PAL resolution recording......I think higher resolutions would probably be fine but certainly no lower than 720x576.
    Can anyone suggest a suitable device that would suit my needs, at a reasonable cost, of course?

    Cheers in advance.