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DJ Khalid


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    It's his signature on his songs.

    He's a different type of producer that what we are used to. I don't think he makes the music, possibly has some involvement, but he'd give an idea, work with beat makers to make a track. Then he'd get different artists together that are 'in' at that time on the same track.
    So he pulls everything together to produce music that way.

    There are a few other that take this approach, most notably Dr. Dre, Timbaland has a team now, Puffy had a team back in the day.

    Defo not useless and has managed to pull popular musicians together to make music.

    In saying that, he's new album is nothing spectacular in my eyes/ears.

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    Dr Dre has one of the best albums of all time.
    I would never compare his work to the shame that is DJ Khalid - 'Lets go'

    I personally think he is just a public figure that has a bit of back - I doubt he actually produces anything. His 'team' will come up with a couple of sample tracks and he will approve (Basically like a manager at work)
    He will then suggest artists to collab with - who ever will make the most bank and make if 10-15% slide of the pie all the sweeter.

    I know I asked the original question but in reality I know exactly what he does - Sweet F all.

    F you DJ fake a$$ khalid.

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    I'm not comparing albums at all, I'm comparing production methods.
    Khaled is like the producer and the A&R all together. It's his niche in music and has been successful in it.
    He has financial baking which has obviously made it easier for him, and he has used social media to promote himself fairly well.

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    I accept your points but think He's still an absolute talentless clown.

    I watched a few of his latest music videos the other day - the big puddin' head on him rolling around in the background.
    I'm embarrassed for his Ma.

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    Just don`t like him

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    What does he do other than continuously say his name and shout ‘let’s go’

    Maybe he has it nailed and we should praise him for being a genius.
    Personally I think he’s totally useless.

    Someone should tell DJ Khaled there's a similar artist ripping him off.

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    I am not his fan, but he's not bad producer and music writer. Just my humble opinion.

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