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Ollie's Repros

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    So I thought I could make a sticky post for these repros as I've a few done already.
    I'll keep adding as I've some waiting to be tested, some ordered and some in progress.

    ITEM: KNA 6034201 IC repro
    POST\COLLECTION: Post / Collection
    PRICE POSTED: €7 (bare pcb) / €20 (assembled)
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal / Cash
    VIDEO : ...pending

    This is used on IREM boards like Kung Fu Master, R-Type, Legend of Hero Tonma, Image Fight and Hammerin' Harry. for populating the tilemaps. It has been known to fail often nowadays.
    I can sell it assembled or just the bare pcb.
    To assemble you'll need
    6 x 74lHC166 SOIC 16 package
    6 x 104 caps in 0603 package
    2 x 20 round pin header


    ITEM: PROM to EPROM adapter
    POST\COLLECTION: Post / Collection
    PRICE: €7 (for two bare pcbs) / €20 (assembled)
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal / Cash
    VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcdF_XRVH_o

    This allow to read or write a 82s129/126 or 82s131 as standard 27512 / 27256 (27128 should work too) eproms since proms are hard to read/write and require expensive equipment.
    The same board can be used in two modes, one to read one to write. You'll need some IC sockets (either 16 pin to read the prom, or 28 pin to use an eprom as drop in replacement) .

    On the picture, the bare pcb.
    On the right: the prom in read mode ready to be read as a 27512 eprom
    On the left: a 27512 eprom being used as drop in replacement for the prom on an 1942 pcb


    ITEM: Generic Jamma fingerboard
    POST\COLLECTION: Post / Collection
    PRICE Posted: €5 / 5 for €20
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal / Cash
    Video: ... pending

    A jamma connector to make your own board adapters.



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    ITEM: Sega Megadrive repro PCB cart
    POST\COLLECTION: Post / Collection
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal / Cash
    VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSoQPzkOEEg

    These are small PCBs repros of the standard 2Mb Sega Megadrive carts, to try your hacks and homebrews and more on your own Megadrive. It will run all games up to 2Mb in size. Games that have a save feature will run but saving will not be possible (I'm working on a repro of that too :) )
    The carts will fit into a standard size original or 3d printed case

    Bare PCB only. To run this on your console you'll need (along with an eprom burner) :

    - A M27C160 eprom with a suitable rom image
    - A 47uf / 16v electrolytic capacitor
    - A .1UF/104 disc capacitor

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