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Your Season Review 2018/19

  • 13-05-2019 11:06am
    Registered Users Posts: 7,776 ✭✭✭

    Final Overall Ranking: 17,757 (5,453 in 2017/18)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 100.8 + 2.5 = 103.3

    Total Transfers: 38

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 – GW5. I always play it early as a deliberate tactic. No massive immediate gains, but my team was much better set up with guaranteed starters and I ‘saved’ a lot of price drops.
    FH – GW32. I decided to set up for the BGWs in 31 and 33 so used this chip in GW32. Got 90 points, but only ‘gained’ 12 points on my GW31 team (+ obvious transfer)
    TC – GW35. Raul Jimenez :eek::mad:
    WC – GW33. Had planned on using it in GW34, but went a week early so I could get a couple of Brithton players for their 'easy' home double in 34 :rolleyes:
    BB – GW36. I got 10 points from it

    TC in 35 and BB in 36 'cost' me 25 points. FH, BB and TC were all clear fails for me this season.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Robertson to start the season. Jimenez from GW13 onwards and Vardy the moment Puel was sacked.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): De Gea to start the season, Balbuena for 10 GWs, Son - 24 points in 9 games and Callum Wilson for trolling me..yet again!

    Highlight of the Season: 104 points in GW35.

    Lowlight of the Season: My chip usage. Also, I was never higher than 15k or lower than 91k, so it felt like a season stuck in neutral.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: It’s more a reinforcement of things I already knew. Be patient, explore all approaches to using your chips (there is no ‘right’ way) and trust your own judgement. I’ve had my ‘disasters’ like everyone else, but I’ve avoided a few bad signings by trusting myself and going against the ‘consensus’. Basically, play your own game. (exactly what I said in 2017/18!)

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020: Having finished in the top 10k in 6 of the past 9 seasons, I’d like to make it 7 in 10. I want to regain my main ML title (I was 2nd this season) and improve my chip usage.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Again, a rehash of what I said last season...Bonus points! Yes, I know the ‘man in the stand’ approach was awful, but the pure stats approach has serious flaws (or maybe just the weightings attached to things). Mo Salah DELIBERATELY lets players kick the ball out rather than challenge them if he thinks its more beneficial, but gets killed for 'dispossessions'. He, like others, lose points for trying to be creative and help their team win, whilst others who do nothing but get a jammy goal or assist get bonus because they haven't been involved in the game haven't done anything 'wrong'

    Pure stats are too black and white. A player can lose out for being caught offside for example, but its because his team mate delayed the pass too long.
    I don’t have the ‘magic solution’ but the system definitely needs tweaking.


  • Registered Users Posts: 11,184 ✭✭✭✭Father Hernandez

    Your Season Review 2018/19
    Final Overall Ranking: 169,643

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 102.6 + 0.8 ITB = 103.4

    Total Transfers: 44

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 – GW9. GW8 I had a GW rank of 4.8 mil, GW after WC, it was 3.396 but then a good couple weeks I was back into top 100k and up to 27k six GW's later
    FH – GW31. This was the BGW, only got 37 points when average was 26. Meh
    TC – GW32. Went Aguero (TC), he scored than got injured, think a lot had him this GW, 30 from Aguero TC. Hit 103(-4) that GW so was a good GW all round
    WC – GW34. Team was a shambles before this so WC was needed. Transfers were all wrong tho as set up for BB the week after which did well in the short term, not good in the long term. 133k pre WC OR, dropped 37k.
    BB – GW35. A good GW, Managed 98 (-4) Bench got 19 points, Ryan making up 12 of that though.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Had Robertson for 36 games. Solid.
    Had Vardy for 3 GW's, 36 points.
    Kane for 9 games (97 points)

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Had Lacazatte from the start, 2 games, 2 points. Sold him and he started scoring.
    Had Son for 10 games, 33 points.
    Mitrovic too for 14 games. 47 popints.

    Highlight of the Season:
    First two GW's. 100 & 101 points. OR was 2,408.
    100 in GW11
    103 (-4) in GW 32

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Plummeted to 252k OR by GW8, a WC brought me back up but then around GW 25.26, things went sour and all I kept getting were red arrows.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Think I need to be more proactive, when things go sour I wasn't willing to take hits which ultimately would have benefited me. Perhaps use the WC in the first DGW this time out, get ahead of the pack.

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020:
    Top 100k would be nice.

    My team this year had very high highs and very low lows. Will have to try rectify the lows somehow.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Bonuses of course are a hot topic. Consistency across contentious assists, some given one week, not the other. Zaha's at the weekend being one.
    I don't think I've ever been in the 2nd round of the Cup. I was in the top 100k OR when the Cup started off only to have a bad GW and not qualify for it as I didn't hit the quota on that particular GW whilst other zombie teams got in. Surely should be teams in the top 4.5m OR rather than that GW. You'll have new teams created solely to win the cup, bit harsh on players playing week in, week out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 35,806 ✭✭✭✭SlickRic

    Final Overall Ranking: 43 (2,542 points)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.2 (0.1 in the bank)

    Total Transfers: 39

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 – GW5. The plan is always to WC early. You fix your team or you consolidate what you have, fix your bench, save some team value.
    FH – GW32. Meh.
    TC – GW36. On Mane. Absolutely fine with the 13x3. I'd always earmarked Salah, but I sacrificed him for funds elsewhere in my WC team.
    WC – GW34. Not great, but there's not much that could be done. Loads of SGW players did well while DGW players didn't do much. I probably broke even, but it was that sort of end of season when it came to most of the chips.
    BB – GW35. Pretty much the biggest troll of all. I may honestly just hold it until GW38 next season or get rid in GW1. It lulls you into thinking it's going to be amazing but then Valery and Son laugh in your fúcking face.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    My best one, easily, was Raul Jimenez on my first WC. just tremendous.

    The in no particular order:
    Pogba and Rashford when Mourinho got sacked
    Vardy when Puel got sacked
    Mane just before he started his run of scoring in the New Year
    Laporte, particularly on the second WC
    Sterling in time for his hatty
    Tielemans as a sneaky differential in the last few GWs
    David Silva near the start of the season. Just ticked things over.
    Hazard specifically in GW 37. Captained him and it got me into the top 50.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Firmino towards the end of the season - he didn't play a minute for me.
    Valery on second WC
    Son for the run-in
    Deeney on WC - he didn't play a minute for me as he was on my bench when I WC'd him in
    Digne - bought and sold at the wrong times

    Highlight of the Season:
    Salah's hatty away to Bournemouth. Absolutely massive. He hadn't had the form, but I just didn't see the reason to sell, so I stuck the armband on him as many actually sold him.

    Absolute scenes, and broke the back of many of my leagues, even that early.

    A close second on the highlights was getting the ton in GW1. Benjamin fúcking Mendy you hero.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    There obviously weren't many - it'd look silly for me to say that I've really had any. I could've captained certain people, and chips could've gone better, but meh.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    A good start is more important than I thought. If you get your team in good order in GW1, and at the very least rectify mistakes ASAP, it holds you in good stead. all is not lost if you don't, but catching up is tough.

    also, in my case, I'm a far better front runner and cautious player than an aggressive player. I've definitely learned that this year.

    The game has also changed. it's not what it was. it's too mainstream now, and the main skill involved is processing the sheer amount of information at hand to try and make the best decisions. it's rough. also, because the top 2 are so strong, it's become very much a case of getting as many City and Liverpool players into your team, and hoping your other 5 or 6 can hold up their end of the bargain. stockpiling players from teams didn't happen at the same level at all in previous years.

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020:
    As always - top 100k absolute minimum. but 10k is usually where I want to get to.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    get rid of bench boost.
    get rid of the second WC.

    the game is so mainstream that people get enough help now, and are often spoon-fed the information.

    and thanks again to all here, it's a great resource, and a great place generally. there's an amazing amount of insight here, and I wouldn't have got the OR I did without it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,911 ✭✭✭tailgunner

    Final Overall Ranking: 65,592 (208,075 in 2017/18)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.5 + 0.4 = 104.9

    Total Transfers: 45

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 – GW3. Didn't have great returns initially, but it set me up nicely for the following few weeks. Trucked along very nicely till GW12.
    FH – GW32. 86 points. Good on paper, but I think I lost overall by planning for this week rather than GW31.
    WC – GW34. Mediocre return the week I played it, but was set up very well for the remained of the season.
    TC – GW35. Jiménez. Disaster.
    BB – GW36. Seven points. Disaster.

    Really messed up my chips this season. I crippled my team in trying to build for the blank weeks, and though I had a good return from the FH the week I played it, it didn't make up for carrying the likes of Anderson for the weeks in the build up.

    Had planned to BB in DGW35 and TC Salah in 36, but changed my mind at the last minute. Ultimately cost me 26 points.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Robertson. Had him every game week apart from my FH in GW32. Points machine.

    Laporte. Only signed him in GW34 and he returned 46 points in the last five gameweeks. Hero.

    Jiménez. Got him for 5.8m in GW13 and kept him. Despite my season beginning to implode around then, Jiménez was consistently excellent, until I TCd him in GW35 and he blanked twice. Maybe he's better off in the Worst Transfer(s) list?

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Anderson. Got him in GW16. Think I got two decent hauls and then his form dropped off a cliff. Between one fire to put out and another, I ended up stuck with him till GW32. Never again.

    Pogba. Got him in way too late, completely missing his purple patch when Ole took over. Captained him against Southampton when he missed a penalty and got a yellow card.

    Zabaleta. Don't know what I was thinking. Got him in GW9 and kept him for 11 weeks, though I deftly managed to bench him for his only clean sheets in that period.

    Highlight of the Season:
    Was 50 points behind in my work league after Christmas, and managed to win it by about 20 points in the end.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Had an absolutely disastrous December. Fell from 50k OR in GW12 to 246k in GW21.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Keep things simple. Tried to be too clever with planning for the blanks and doubles towards the end of the season and ended up shooting myself in the foot.

    Don't be afraid to take hits. I was sort of experimenting with a conservative approach this season, but it wasn't really for me. Helped me do pretty well in the LMS league though!

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020:
    Top 10k finish.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Bonus points, as mentioned previously.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,064 ✭✭✭sicknotexi

    Final Overall Ranking: 3947 OR (22,716 in 17/18)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.3m and 0.9m itb.

    Total Transfers: 52

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1- GW15. Went great and from gw15 to gw21 I went from 35k to 3.5k.

    FH- GW32. Decent but not a massive rise in rank.

    WC2- GW34. Did not pick a good squad on my second Wildcard and my dream of a top 1k finish bit the dust. Picking Kolasinac when Laporte was the obvious choice was terrible. Also took a punt on Lukaku(with plan to swap him out) which was trying to be way too clever. Added to that Troy Deeney gets sent off and totally ruins my future transfers and Son gets sent off a few gwks later.

    BB- GW35. Again decent but nothing spectacular, a small green but at this stage I'm going between 3k to 4k regularly and finding hard to push on.

    TC- GW36. Went for Mane and had decided to end the season with Robertson and TAA double up also. The defining moment of my season was when Mane's header hit the post for his hat-trick. It would have put me very close to or in the top 1k in running. After that Salah gets the hat-trick and instead of an amazing gameweek it was just another small green( despite my 85k week rank).

    All in all I think I used my chips well though.

    Your Best Transfer(s): My best transfer was Son on my first WC. I chose him over Sane and it was an inspired choice as he went on a fantastic run and was averaging 10 points per game for me. I hadn't even got Salah at the time, who had started scoring, yet I was flying up the ranks.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Easily Kolasinac on my 2nd WC. Couldn't even ship him out.

    Highlight of the Season: The Everton v Spurs game in December. Scored 40 points from Kane, Son and Richarlison despite having no captain. Was 23 points behind in the cup to a newly made team and ended up smashing him.

    Lowlight of the Season: GW37 was my lowpoint. A 6m gw rank pushed me outside the top 5k. Nothing went right but my team was pretty much fine (apart from Kolasinac).

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Not much really. Avoid the noise and make your own choices probably.

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020: Top 10k finish will be the target and to win my mini league for third season in a row.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): I always felt it was strange that bonus points are doubled for captains, they are after all bonus points and not the main points. It would lead to a lot less whining if they were not as impactful, not doubling them for captain would help in this.

    Would also like to see the chips shaken up somehow.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,303 ✭✭✭Mike Ehrmantraut

    Final Overall Ranking: 1,949

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 106.5 + .7

    Total Transfers: 46

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC -Gw6 Went ok, no major gains, but kept me in the top 10k OR for the following weeks.
    WC -Gw23. This went well, went from 1,762 up to 177th OR by gw26.
    FH - Gw32 No real gains here, Kane and Pogba were the main disappointments
    TC - Gw35 and BB -Gw36 Got this backwards, treble captained Sterling in 35, despite having it in my head for weeks to treble captain Salah in 36. Had i done it the other way around probably would have been worth another 20 or so points.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Having Robertson and Awb from the start, my only season keepers. Getting Jimenez in gw12, why did I wait so long!

    Your Worst Transfer(s): This I can only put down to my own idiocy, I sold Sterling before the league cup final, with every intention of getting him back in a week or 2 later. The week I did go to transfer him back in I had already made a transfer and without realizing it, left myself .1 short. A rookie mistake punished to the full by him getting a hat trick that week.
    Also most of my transfers the last quarter of the season were either badly thought out or just the wrong side of 50/50 calls.

    Highlight of the Season: Gw1 102pts and Gw2 102pts! An absolute dream start, just could not have imagined the season starting so well.
    Gw26 Reached the heady heights of 177th OR and was beginning to think a top 100 OR was a possibility.

    Lowlight of the Season: No single gw stands out but the last 6 or 7 weeks of the season felt like a bit of a disappointment after heights before hand, just felt like the season kinda petered out.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Just that a good start to the season makes such a huge difference. And I keep saying it but luck can be such a huge factor of this game.

    Aims and Expectations for 2019/2020: Top 10k would be the brilliant, but taking nothing for granted.
    My last few seasons have been up and down, 5k OR 2 seasons ago, 279k OR last year and a top 2k finish this year, and if I’m honest I don’t think my approach to how I played the game varied that drastically over those seasons.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Not sure about this, at times I wish the chips were not part of the game, but overall I’m happy enough with the game as is.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,829 ✭✭✭shineon23

    I judge this season a success in the only way I know how.

    I have eaten zero hats!:)

    shineon23 wrote: »
    Sure while I'm at and trying to wrongly settle scores.

    I'm offering a roll over on this douzey from last season;
    Islander13 wrote: »
    Oh and Ederson will produce c. 5 assists this season with those Rangy passes.
    shineon23 wrote: »
    Ah now.

    I'll eat my hat if any goalkeeper gets 5 assists this season.

    I'll even consider eating the peak if all the goalkeepers in the league combined clock up 5 assists between. :pac:

    Taking Joe Hart's 1 assist last season into account.

    I'll eat the peak of my hat if there are 4 more assists from goal keepers this season.

    And if Ederson or any GK clocks up 5 by themselves, I'll eat the whole thing.

    1 assist for Ederson across 2 seasons
    2 assists for Lossl across 2 seasons
    1 assist for Harts across 2 seasons

    4 goalkeeper assists totalled across 2 seasons
    0 Hats eaten at Shineon HQ

    Mokuba wrote: »
    Said he was the first name on my teamsheet on this forum.

    Will get 20 goals this season.
    shineon23 wrote: »
    Ah now,

    Am I going to have to threaten to eat another of my hats.

    Because I will.
    11 Goals for Mitrovic
    0 Hats eaten at Shineon HQ