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3/Three network blocking Fortnite?

  • 09-05-2019 11:21pm
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    Has anyone else experienced this? As of last night, things started going wierd. Couldn't join parties (on multiple devices/accounts .. xbox, pc, ipad..) .. and then when the update arrived, I couldn't download it.

    I tried everything, unplugged/restarted everything, cleared caches (xbox), different accounts etc. ... THEN I connected devices to a tethered Vodafone device to check and it all worked ok. Also, while on the 3 network, using a VPN allowed me to download the update, but if I disconnect from the vpn it starts failing all over, as soon as I jump back on the vpn it's all back working..

    Anyone else experiencing similar issues?



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    Yes, I was working off a 3 hotspot for a few years, and this happened every now and then. Basically, someone using the IP assigned by 3 has been banned (from what I can tell). Reboot the hotspot usually works as it forces a new IP, has for me in the past anyway.

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    The problem is that Three groups clusters of customers behind a single IP address and as P-M said above if someone gets banned using that IP address, as far as the internet is concerned, any traffic from that IP address is from the same source. Shout at Three - they're the source of the problem.