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GP clinic recommendations in and around D15?

  • 08-05-2019 3:10pm
    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 1,397 CBear1993

    Hi all.

    Moved down here last year from the north. I’m a relatively healthy 25 year old man.
    I was wondering if you could recommend a “good” healthcare centre or GP practice? I live in ashtown / castleknock area.

    I’ve been previously told - meridian clinic in roselawn and centric health Navan Road. Both have bad google reviews though.

    I just want to sign up with one as I currently have to travel upto the north to my GP if I’m very sick or have to get a prescription. I know it’s free but it isn’t feasible long term.

    Thanks in advance


  • I don't have a recommendation for this one but there is a new clinic in Blanchardstown Village who are actively looking for new patients, Beechview Clinic it's called.

    Yikes, I just had a look at their price list, €60 for a less than 15 min consultation before 5pm, it goes up to €70 after that and also goes up if it's longer than 15 minutes. Holy moly. Maybe skip them so :pac: I don't go to the doctor much (thankfully) so maybe this is the norm but seems a bit steep to me.

    I use Meridian Clinic, they are ok but nothing to get excited about. I don't think I have ever seen the same doctor twice in all the years I've gone there, though as I said, a trip to the doctors for me is actually rare.

  • Assuming you're basically healthy, family clinic on the Navan Road.

    They're Polish and had great opening hours and could always get an appointment quickly when I was with them. Perfect when you're basically healthy and just want somewhere to go for the occasional prescription/question.

    They're not in d-doc and sometimes there's a bit of a language barrier so we switched post kid but for a single, healthy adult they're grand.

  • Been a while since I wrote into this. Still ahven't joined a GP down here in Dublin, absolute laziness on my behalf! although I've had no health problems (touch wood).

    i've left my GP in Tyrone through NHS and taken my medical files later.

    Now living in Royal Canal Park, Ashtown, permanently.

    Is it just a matter of turning up to a clinic in the area and bringing my medical files?
    I went to sign up to the Meridian Clinic Roselawn one day a few months ago but they weren't helpful at all and said they were too busy. Was recommended one in Castleknock, can't remember if it was Generation Medical Health or Oakwood..

  • For anyone that doesn't have a GP in Dublin 15, get ringing around as there a definite shortage of GP's in this area with the majority full and not taking on new patients.

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  • Meridian treats its patients shockingly poor as customers. Nothing wrong with the care but I’ve never found them nice to deal with, for all that’s worth in your consideration. My work provides GP service via Webdoctor which I’ve found very handy, you can sign up as an individual. Obviously they’re limited in what they can do for you but for your typical coughs and colds, a sick cert or prescription not requiring a physical exam it does wonders for your schedule.

  • Centric Health on Navan Road I think have a sign saying new members welcome iirc.

  • Hey CBear - did you go with anyone in the end? I'm in same boat as you - moved from North based in RCP.

  • How are you! Yeah I eventually went with Generation Health Medical Clinic in Castleknock Village. They were grand, I've only had one appointment for straight forward blood tests so far and it was a young doctor. Very small clinic and I believe Oak medical share the same space so you could try both. It was a bit of a minefield but I went to Meridican Clinic in Roselawn and didn't like the look of it at all and the staff weren't friendly.

    I was able to get my first appointment fairly easily for a morning before work with Generation,

    9A Castlecourt Shopping Centre, Castleknock, Dublin 15, Castleknock, Co. Dublin, D15 W704

    Any questions on other things send me a message! I've been through it all.

  • Anyone any recommendations at the moment?

    Have had a few less than positive experiences with the above generation health in castleknock village in 2020.
    They have tried to bring me back for a 2nd appointment when there was no need to and they admitted that afterwards, purely looking more money obviously. One of the nurses who took a blood test from me said my levels of something were high but when I came to the repeat appointment she said it was actually normal on the scale, a waste of €60/€85!!

    I am a healthy individual in my late 20s so shouldn’t have to visit too regular, touch wood.

    I see there is a new enough one in castleknock, oakwood medical clinic in castlecourt.

    Any others people have had a good experience with for years?

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  • My whole extended family go to Parks Medical Centre ( in Carpenterstown and find them pretty good. It can be difficult to get appointments for your preferred Doctor at times; and they only work off an appointment system. I’ve never had any issues with their medical care or their office staff; although I don’t personally know a number of the newer GPs there.

  • I've found Beechwood in Blanchardstown village excellent.

  • I go to the clinic in the Blanchardstown Centre (on the outside, near the post office and barbers). The main GP there is Dr. Dyer but there are others too. Never had any issue with them.

  • The HSE website to find a GP is total pants, the phone numbers don't exist, I,ve called at least 30 GP,s in Dublin 15 today, and none will accept new patients,. Also most will not accept free under 6 patients. Any recommendations for D15?

  • I go to Riverside in Mulhuddart and they're brilliant but I'd be really surprised if they were taking new patients.

  • Kirkfield medical,full.

  • Corduff full.