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    A dog called Pickles found the Jules Rimet Trophy (the football world cup) when it was stolen in 1966 so perhaps we need one of our four legged friends to search for the lovely trophy we used to have for the Leinster Chess Championship. I am not for a moment suggesting that it has been stolen but it has been missing for the last few years.
    It should be a simple matter for the LCU to ask the last person that they last presented it to what happened to it. If that person says he passed it on to someone else then that person should be asked. Quite apart from the monetary value of the trophy it has great historical value and I am sure that today's worthy winner Gavin Melaugh would be delighted to have it sitting on his mantelpiece for the next twelve months.
    Someone needs to get up off their (_x_) and start asking questions of the recent previous winners.


  • There is also a very nice cup for the intermediate championship which I shared with (I think) Peter O'Hanlon in 1980. That seems to have gone missing too. I held it for six months then gave it to Peter. I am pretty sure that it was still doing the rounds for some years after that. Someone has these missing cups and there must be other people who have an idea where they might be. Time they were returned, the people who win these trophies deserve to hold them for a year.

  • I won the old Irish Seniors a few years ago in Drogheda. They promised to find the trophy but I never saw it.
    I wonder if the last winner (Eamon Keogh in 2016) had any better luck.

  • I did not receive a trophy when I won in 1978 and do not recall ever seeing one.
    I have the now redundant DeLoughry trophy at home which could be reassigned to the LCU for the Leinster Senior title if no one had any objections.