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Physio or medical route? Female related

  • 30-04-2019 6:53pm
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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any females out there have had pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy that never healed? Well to be honest I'm thinking at this stage it's something else (possibly hamstring and groin issues but not sure?)
    Long story pgp on 2nd pregnancy in 2016...
    Got back doing exercises/running well etc all ok but hurt myself out running one day and never been right since. When I say I hurt myself, I got pain back in pubic bones (like when I was pregnant) and pain on bones under cheeks of bum.

    I had 3rd baby last summer and I'm again back to pubic bone pain when trying walk on treadmill or bend over to put on socks etc ..also pain when lifting kids under cheeks of bum etc. My baby is now 9 months old.

    I'm very healthy otherwise and look after myself diet wise.
    I'm genuinely now at the lowest point I have been in that 3 yrs later I am still suffering and cannot run.
    I had chiropractor look after me during my 3rd pregnancy and she kept the pgp away and has been amazing.
    However, now I am at the stage where I don't know where to go?
    My pelvic floor muscles are working fine(had them checked by women's health physio), chiropractor said I'm good, bloods showed up fine and physio said doesn't know? Possibly groin and hamstring?? (Only said that after I asked if that's the issue)

    I honestly can't understand why no one can locate the issue when something is clearly wrong? My labour's we're all natural with no issues and I honestly feel like it's muscles/tendons or something that's causing issue but I can't diagnose myself obvs.

    I'm referred yet again to gyne at my own request as I don't know where else to go? (Thinking I need MRI/ x-ray??)
    I still see my chiropractor but for me it's always a temporary fix and I need to sort out what's causing the weakness and pain.

    Anyone any ideas?


  • Moderators, Regional Abroad Moderators Posts: 26,928 Mod ✭✭✭✭rainbow kirby

    I have pubic bone pain every so often since the birth of my second baby in February 2018 - no issues during the pregnancy but one of the manoeuvres required to resolve shoulder dystocia involved pushing down on my pubic bone. It doesn't seem to be an issue while running though so I tend to just ignore it most of the time and take ibuprofen when it gets bad.

    If you're breastfeeding, it can take longer for things to go back to normal because of relaxing lingering for longer.

    Might be worth seeing a sports physio who can work on strengthening the posterior chain etc.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 20,364 Mod ✭✭✭✭RacoonQueen

    Have you considered maybe trying a different physio?

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,035 ✭✭✭HelenAnne

    When you went to the women's physio, was it just for your pelvic floor, or did you have the pelvic girdle pain then too? I went to a women's physio (in Milltown in Dublin) after having some surgery a couple of years ago, and I found them great -- the physio I went to says on her bio on the website that she does sports physio as well as pelvic floor stuff, so someone like that (who can do all the female-specific checks) , but who also has an interest in sport, might be able to cover all the bases for you.

    My usual physio I go to for running-related stuff, pilates etc told me that pelvic pain can become chronic if ignored, so it's really worth you trying to get to the bottom of it.

    Good luck! And well done with your return to running after your kids!