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System to Evaluate Cryptocurrencies by Chris Burniske(From Cryptoassets Investors Gui

  • 29-04-2019 9:09am
    Registered Users Posts: 2,723 ✭✭✭ stockshares

    Ive been reading Cryptoassets-The Innovative Investors Guide to Bitcoin and beyond by Chris Burniske and jack Tartar.

    He recommends performing due diligence on the Coin in the following:

    1 Governance
    a) The Procurers - (Developers,Miners,Companies connected to/involved with)

    2 Supply schedule(Rate of Issuance of Coins)

    3 Use/Purpose of coin
    Is there a need for it to solve a real world problem in a decentralised way

    4 What is its Base Of Value
    Is it a Utility or is it Speculative or both

    5 Risk Analysis
    Use Standard Deviation to determine how Volatile the Coins price is

    6 Expected Returns
    Use the Sharpe Ratio to calculate the expected returns

    7 Correlation
    Correlation measures how assets prices move in relation to each other. This is important when setting up your portfolio to minimise the overall risk.

    8 Technical Analysis
    Use Fibonaci,SMA, Volume Analysis ets to determine Entry and Exit points.

    Can the System above be improved upon.
    It is time consuming to perform these checks on all the coins that a person is interested in.
    Im interested to know if the people here use the above checks or if they use other methods to evaluate coins before investing.