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Thesis Topic

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    Okay I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put this here and if not, mods remove!

    Back to the topic. Okay. So I'm a UX/UI designer and I used to be a really active member on this forum, circa 2009-2011. Which is actually a crazy long time ago :(

    I'm currently doing my masters in UX and I'm toying with the idea of writing my thesis on internet communities, loose enough concept at the moment. Mostly because of my experience in this forum and in other forums. Now for the bit that I'm not sure is okay, would there be anyone (Insect Overlord, I see you) who are still kinda active who I could ask a few questions to? Just ignore this completely if you have no interest. If you do, DM me.

    Also if this is not okay just remove it! No bad feelings!


  • I'd be happy to help. :) I'll let D4rk Onion know about it as well.

  • Thanks a million, I'll be in touch with zee questions :)

  • Hey! He let me know, I would love to help :) (and also would love to read it!). I'll let a few others know, but fair warning almost no one from then is "still active", is basically dead (rip)

  • I mean, Boards as a whole isn't, but as for teenagers and young adults using these fora...yeah, that doesn't really happen anymore.

  • Omg lads ye are great.

    @d4rkonion so I'm doing a two years masters part time so the thesis is actually next year. So I'll get in touch when that's done! If boards isn't underground by then. My final project this year is based on forums and cancer forums specifically so toying with the idea of doing something on mental health. Not sure yet, have to do a bit more research, the proposal doesn't have to be in until September. I'm not sure if it's a topic that has already been done a lot, we shall see. But no harm in getting a bit of feedback.

    I'm still finishing my final project for this year so it will be a few weeks until I get in touch, thanks again guys :)

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  • I once intended to do an MA micro-thesis on the use of Irish in Social Media. Might still look into it as a PhD thesis sometime in the future. /Off topic