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Looking for one or more person(s) to for Spanish class in Galway City.

  • 09-04-2019 6:37pm
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    Hi everyone / Hola a todos!

    I am looking to see if there is anyone interested in attending Spanish lessons in Galway once a week for two hours?

    I have bare minimum level Spanish myself such as common greetings, my name, my age, ask a person what they do for a living ect and am looking to improve my Spanish as I am going to live in Spain this September.

    There is an evening class on once a week in Galway City that I did my beginner level Spanish with last year, but at the moment there are only two of us wanting to attend the Beginner Level 2 class and they need a minimum of 3 persons for the class to run.

    If there is anyone interested in attending, that would be great and please let me know. Cost is 20 euros for a two hour lesson once per week. It includes speaking, writing, listening, ect… I am in no way associated with the company providing lessons, I am just an individual learner myself wanting to improve my Spanish but looking to get a third person on board so we can get a class going once a week.

    Let me know