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Current weather conditions - April 2019.

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    Looks like heatwave's on its way.
    April's Fool day! ;-D

    Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
    1 Apr 2019 00:01:24

    Temperature (°C):
    Current 5,6
    Trend (per hour) -0,6
    Average today 5,7
    Wind chill 5,6
    Heat Index 5,6
    Dew Point 5,5
    Rel Humidity 99%

    Wind (km/h):
    Current Gust 0,0 ---
    Average Speed 0,0 ---

    Rainfall (mm):
    Current rate 0,0
    Last hour 0,0
    Total today 0,0
    Total yesterday 0,0
    Total this month 0,0
    Total this year 563,4

    Pressure (hPa):
    Current 1016,3
    Trend (per hour) -0,3