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Forum Charter **Read Before Posting**

  • 27-03-2019 12:24am
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    Updated Charter as of March 26th 2019

    1) No personal abuse
    Keep it civil, no personal abuse or uncivil lanquage such as calling people Retards etc.

    2) No Trolling
    Going out of your way to wind people up or constantly trolling is a quick way to find yourself banned from the forum. You are expected to engage in adult discussion here, if you cant then you are in the wrong forum and should head elsewhere.

    3) No fighter bashing (either pro org or local level)
    This means no stupid name calling (mctapper etc), abusive names or general juvenille behaviour you would find in a schoolyard. For clarity that includes calling fighters 'knackers, scumbags' and any other similar names irregardless of their actions and what you think of them. You are adding nothing to the forum with this nonsense so take it elsewhere.

    4) Strictly MMA discussion in all threads except the assigned Off Topic Discussion thread
    All discussion is to be MMA related in each of the threads apart from the Off Topic Thread - use your common sense here as to what is considered MMA related and what isnt.
    If it is celebrity gossip/TMZ type news then it belongs in the Off Topic Thread which is there for you to discuss activities outside of MMA which fighters are involved in - such as McGregrors Whiskey, any showbiz related stories, new clothing line etc. However there is strictly no chat to be had here about legal issues or court cases as per the next item. If a story breaks and you arent sure, ask before you post and save yourself a ban!

    5) Strictly no talk about legal issues or potential court cases

    Absolutely no discussion on anything involving legal action, court cases, or ongoing events which may end up in legal proceedings against a fighter. This is a complete no go and off the table regardless of it being mentioned in other media or the press. Speculation or commentary on ongoing/likely legal cases is not allowed across the whole site.

    6) No allegations against fighters, particularly in regard to steroid use
    If you want to accuse them make sure you have a bulletproof source or you will be banned. Discussing Steroid use at all is not allowed unless it's about someone who was banned for it and it is not just specualtion (this includes steroid advice re. doses, side effects, cycles, substances/steroids-stimulants and sources).

    7) No discussion of moderation on the thread
    If you have an issue with moderation, a warning or an infraction then the first step is to PM the mod and dicuss it with them.

    It is against the rules to argue with a moderator action in such a way that it drags a discussion off-topic from its original goal (short: never argue with a mod in-thread - it almost always leads to a ban). Always attempt to message the moderator via the Private Messaging system before making a scene out of something.

    If you have not received a reply via PM in a reasonable amount of time (please allow at least a day, our mods are volunteers and aren’t online 24/7) try to PM another moderator of that forum.

    If you have still not received a reply, or wish to escalate the issue, contact the Category Moderator via PM, or use the Help Desk forum, under the Sys/System category. Feedback is not for Queries or Complaints about an altercation, despite a common misconception still held by some of the older users.

    8) No Backseat Moderation
    If you believe a post is in breach of the charter then you should report it, and move on. If you engage the poster on his/her breach of the charter you risk infraction for back-seat modding.

    Examples of back-seat modding include:
    Calling someone a troll.
    Telling a poster not to post in a thread, or they should post elsewhere
    Telling a poster you have reported their post (effectively accusing them of a breach of the charter)
    Commenting on a breach of charter
    Informing a user that you have/will be putting them on your ignore list. Advising others to do the same.

    This list is not exhaustive, and mod discretion may be applied in cases where the intent is judged to be helpful.

    The rule of thumb should always be to leave moderation to the mods.

    9) No dicsussion of MAI
    In light of legal proceedings issued by MAI - We can not discuss MAI, it's websites, it's instructors or training.

    10) Spoilers
    No talk of recent fights and results unless it is in the relvant event thread - if there is none then create one, do not post it in General Chat or another thread. Its still a spoiler if you give the result away in a thread title within a reasonable time period of 1 week, you can talk about it but just give a spoiler warning and don't give results away with obvious headings! No one wants to be spoiled or receive an email notification with the result of a fight because you were too lazy to set up a thread.

    11) No talk of Illegal Streams
    Streams that would be considered illegal or in breach of copyright are not permitted on the site. Asking for these streams is also a break of this rule, anything that is breaking the law is not allowed and will be dealt with with instant ban.

    12) No Shilling

    13) No Spamming

    14) No Advertising

    Bans will be given for blatant advertising. Local MMA shows can have a thread running but multiple threads for the same show will be deleted and possibly banned.

    15) No Freedom of Speech
    You post here under the knowledge the is a privately owned and operated board. Deviating from what the owners are or are not cool with will get you boxed and gogo'd quicker than a tired Gomi.

    16) Call outs must be kept respectful and the user must make it clear who they are.

    17) General Muppetrey!
    On a regular basis we get challenged on the charter - we will use our common sense when dealing with things that we deem to be wrong wheter its outlined here or not. Otherwise the charter would be way too big and full of strange stuff. If you think it probably isnt allowed or shouldnt be posted then you are probably right so dont risk it..ask a mod if you arent sure.

    This Forum caters for anything MMA related, threads about the individual arts such as BJJ which is not MMA! will be moved to there relevant site, most notably, SD/MA, Boxing or the Pro Wrestling forum.

    These rules are here for the good of the forum and having proper adult discussion, you are expected to follow them at all times. People who constantly go out of there way to ignore these rules or constantly troll will find themselves on the receiving end of infractions leading to a ban from the forum.

    See here for a link to boards entire posting guidelines -

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