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Numbness in fingers

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    Has anyone experienced numbness in fingers when shooting?

    Im shooting recurve with the standard one finger above and two below method.

    Im finding that my middle finger gets numb after shooting for a while.
    I've tried distributing the string weight to be even across the other fingers but that just results in the other fingers slightly tingling too. Usually most of the weight is on the middle finger.

    Ive thickened my finger tab to 3 layers but that hasnt really helped.

    I deepened my grip so that the string sits into the first knuckle of all 3 fingers and while this seems to stop the numbness it switches to the string slapping my fingers and hurting.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    I switched to compound with a wrist release as my fingers were sore shooting recurve.

    For your issue I'd suggest trying a few different types of finger tab or even try glove instead of a tab. I'd just borrow ones off club members and shoot a good few arrows.

    The difference in feel on my fingers between my fivics saker and another cheaper one is massive.

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