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New RAF Fighter?

  • 20-03-2019 2:46am
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    Release of New Frontline British Fighter Aircraft

    The impending move away from Europe and uncertainty caused by the Brexit negotiations has meant that the Royal Airforce has had to make moves to develop their own Frontline British Fighter Aircraft which is independent of Europe.
    “The Eurofighter Typhoon is a very capable aircraft” said a Ministry of Defence official “but it relies on our alliance with rest of Europe. Britain needs an aircraft which is our own. It must not only have proven capability it must also be a design which assures the British public in the atmosphere due to Brexit.”
    The new design owes much of it’s heritage to, what many in Britain see, as their days of glory. The airframe is based on that of the Spitfire. The silhouette will be familiar and give comfort to those who see it, but this is not the same aircraft as before, as it will now be powered by a Jet engine and boast state of the art avionics. It has been nicknamed the “Jetfire”.
    “Many may mock us but the RAF feel we are in touch with the mood of the British public.” The MOD official commented. “This is a new direction for the current situation. The range may be limited, but we now only need to cover Britain. The armaments may also have limitations but we feel this design will win the Hearts and Minds"


    The public will be able to see the new aircraft being flown on Monday 1st April at RAF Brize Norton. This date was chosen to be the first operational day after the proposed Brexit would be in effect. The RAF has decided to continue with the launch even though Brexit has been delayed.
    Further information available by contact with RAF Brize Norton;
    Email: [email protected] Phone +44 (0)1993 842551


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