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    I am a Beaver Section Leader in Dublin, this is my first year as SL and I am getting to grips with designing a program and trying to keep it interesting and varied. What would be hugely helpful is if there was an active forum somewhere where I could ask questions of other Scout leaders and get the benefit of others' experience.

    This forum seems to be extremely quiet and I left Facebook last year with no intention of returning. Are there any other online fora for Irish Scout Leaders to share ideas, advice and resources? When I joined as a leader two years ago there was a forum on but that seems to have disappeared.



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    Hi Sean
    Yes the forum on the Scouting Ireland web page is gone. It was very useful and quite busy. Unfortunately it didn't make it through new website development. This forum has never achieved enough momentum to be useful.
    There is a forum on the Scouting Ireland User Guide/Knowledge Base but it is not being used at all. I'm sure it was not intended to be used as a general forum but if we start using it...?
    It would be great to have a forum available which is only available to scouters/scouts.

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    Just had a look in the User Guide forum, now that is very well hidden!!

    I tried to add a topic to the 'Feature Requests' section requesting a proper Scouter Forum but I can't register or login to do it.

    It says: "You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator."

    The online support for Scouters is very poor. I'm amazed, considering how many of us there are that there isn't an online community. The Scouting Ireland website is really not utilised well. Facebook is a poor substitute.

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    eScouts is a great forum, though mainly for UK scouting. Rules etc will be different but program ideas are universal! ;)

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    Thanks for that Beardy, signed up now and will have a look around.

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