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Finding relatives

  • 09-03-2019 2:38pm
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    I am trying to find living Irish relatives. I've recently found out that my Irish grandfather sadly passed away in 2015. The death notice gives names of his siblings. He was from Tynagh, Galway but died in Ballybough Dublin. Unfortunately he had a very common Irish surname. It also makes it difficult as I live in the UK.
    Does anyone have any advice?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi.I am not from that area but my mother was. Can you DM the name of your grandfather and I will ask her. She is in her 70's so she may know of him or perhaps she knows someone who might know.
    Kind regards

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    Ring Community Services on 25 Newcastle Road (find number on this page)
    They deal with queries like this all the time

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    Thanks very much for your replies. I'm sorry for the delay in responding, but I didn't know I had any replies as I didn't get a notification. I've DMd you Sassie. I'll look at your link biko, thanks both.

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    Contact the local church.... They'd have christening records for you grandfather and his siblings. If they have family in area still I'm sure they might be able to help you track them down.