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  • 08-03-2019 7:04pm
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    Should I go to college and train as a chef


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    Hard to say without knowing your circumstances, but there is a massive lack of chefs in Ireland. You would walk into a job. BUT the pay isn't that great and the hours can be pretty antisocial, depending on where you work.
    Make a list of pros and cons and talk to a chef to get the low down.

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    Do you want to be a chef?

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    Hospitality industry is the worst paid sector by a country mile. You dont have to go to college to be a chef or at least get a start in a kitchen. Like already said hours and wages are a huge turn off and in places in the high season chefs are recruited from outside Ireland theres such a demand. And left go then as soon as low season kicks in :rolleyes:. Gordan Ramsay started in a kitchen as a porter and a few other famous chefs.

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