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US Civil War - Pattern 1860 Sword Bayonet

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    The Pattern 1860 Sword Bayonet is another example of an existing bayonet being modified for use with the Martini-Henry. At the time of the Martini's adoption, there were large numbers of these bayonets in stores, so in the interest of saving money, they were inexpensively modified to fit the M-H. Their muzzle rings were bushed to fit the M-H barrel, and the tops of the pommels were filed down to allow the Pattern '60 to slide onto the top barrel band tab. This bayonet does not have an integrated saw like the Elcho, but features a curved blade known as a "Yataghan" type blade. It is very common to hear these generically referred to as Yataghan Sword Bayonets.
    Overall Length: 28.1 inches
    Blade Length: 22.7 inches


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