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How to export old car

  • 04-03-2019 3:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 turbocharger1

    I'm new to this. Appreciate help in walking through the documentations and process to export a 40year old MGB car to outside of EU.

    I send VRC with foreign buyer name and address to shannon. Separately i notify shannon of permanent export of car?

    I can't think of anything else. MGB came from UK but now someone outside EU wants to buy it and i want to export it.


  • Registered Users Posts: 5,796 ✭✭✭ Isambard

    i'd say it's the reverse of importing...just hand them the VRC and write to Shannon to tell them it's been exported

    I've sold a couple for export and that's what I did. Actually I don't think I even told Shannon

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    Let me get this right, so the buyer puts down his details on the back of the VRC and takes the original. Seller then mail a photocopy of the vrc to shannon.

    Seller follow up by notifying shannon of export.

    Is that it? Sounds simple enough.

    Then then shipper pick up car.

    By the way buyer wants me to help arrange some work to be done on car before shipper pick up car. Would this change anything? Seeing that the car will sit here for another month before shipper picks it up.

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    the very most important thing to do is get the cash in your hand or bank. Your mention of shipping agent rang immediate warning bells with me as there are plenty of scams that operate just like that.

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    Thanks for the link. Its good. Yes I'm waiting for funds to clear in my bank account before releasing the VRC.

    Separately how does a buyer avoid being scam? I supposed once the VRC is handed over to buyer/shannon notified it should be ok?

    As a buyer now, how to check if SELLER still has outstanding loan on the car?

    I ask as I don't have much experience buying cars. I had inherited a few old cars which I am selling and using the money to buy cars that I want.

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    Be certain you are not being scammed here.

    What arrangements are the seller asking for?

    There are a number of scams that people fall for when selling a car to a so-called overseas 'buyer'.

    Not your ornery onager

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    Are they sending you extra money to send to the shipper?

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    Is the buyer away at sea or working on an oil rig?

    Not your ornery onager

  • Moderators, Home & Garden Moderators Posts: 4,743 Mod ✭✭✭✭ kadman

    The words "someone outside of europe" would my scam alert working overtime.

    As a noobie to this, get the help of someone that does this for a living.