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Dimensions in a Viewport showing in all Viewports

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    Hey everyone I'm a bit desperate here so hoping somebody can help. I'm doing a few little exercises in Autocad and I'm trying to put dimensions on them. I'm in paper space and have a few different layers set up - one for viewports another for dimensions etc. Anyway I insert a few viewports and then change layer to dimensions but when I go to add dimensions to a viewport the dimensions show in all the viewports. What am I doing wrong and how can I stop this from happening?



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    So from what I can gather you would like Dimensions on the same object in one viewport but not the other?

    I am not sure if this can be achieved when entering the dimensions in MS
    as the Viewport in PS will always reflect what is in MS.

    Work a rounds could involve entering the dimensions in PS, but you have to make sure the view-port position is locked down,( or if you are going to move it make sure you have both VP and Dims selected when moving)

    you don't go into MS space through the viewport and move around because the dims won't move with it.

    Other workarounds could be Dims layers for different viewports on different layers

    Changing settings on ctb s (bad)

    Setting up different Vps on different sheets.
    Different solutions are based on how it is going to published and presented I guess

    Please let's know if I'm on the right track?

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