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Help me find a wrasslin' theme?

  • 27-02-2019 1:41am
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    Howdy do folks.

    Looking to see if anyone can help me track down a WWE Theme that I heard once, and can't find again. I'll be providing the vaguest possible information :o

    Pretty much, there's a backing track used in That 70's Show that I love. Could never find it online, but here it is:

    Going back a while, I had some random WWE themes on youtube playing in the background. As per Youtube, it randomly suggests and plays different themes.

    One theme reminded me of that song, but I can't for life of me figure out whose theme it was. I think it started the same way the music is in the 70s show clip at 1:14.

    The only things I can really say to narrow the search down, is that the wrestler had a 'real name' (ie; John Smyth, rather than a gimmick name like "Undertaker") and I also didn't recognise the name, though I don't watch much WWE anymore, so I presume he was a mid-carder.

    That's pretty much all the info I have.. :(

    Was wondering if anyone here would be able to pin it down? Generic rock theme, i know it could be pretty much anyone, but I can't find it (tried listening to WWE theme compilations form the last year or two but can't seem to pin point it).

    Cheers for anyone able to help :)


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    Unfortunately not; I know Shamrock.

    It has to have been a wrestler from the last 2-3 years that used it. I was watching fairly avidly up until about 2010 or so, and then slipped off, but still had a good idea of who's who on the roster. Whoever had the theme I'm looking for, must have been a mid-carder from the past couple of years, and perhaps isn't active on the roster at the moment (I went through the WWE roster page on and youtubed the themes of the wrestlers I thought it might be, but none of them where the one I'm now looking for).

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    Noam Dar, perhaps?

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    Haha, no way :D That's the one! :eek:

    I'm shocked anyone figured it out from my dreadful description. Will be played on repeat for the rest of the night now :D I'm delighted!

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    Reminds me of an episode of Married With Children
    (I'm old, ok?)

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    Out of curiosity, is Noam Dar still an active heavyweight wrestling superstar of the world?

    I had a very difficult time getting his theme again (until it was posted here again by Virtanen). He seems to have come and gone (from what I can see) without much of a push at all?

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    He's part of 205 Live and sometimes NXT UK.